ATV Sizes Chart 2024: Choose The Right Size ATV

ATV sizes chart assists you with choosing the right size ATV that you need to know before getting an ATV.

Choosing the right ATV sizes by age is also necessary, no matter how old you are.

The chart of ATV sizes also protects you from getting the wrong size ATV. By considering your age, weight and use, you need to find the right size all-terrain vehicle.

Although all ATV brands mention the sizes of their ATV on the user manual but often ATV drivers forget to see that. Therefore, seeing the ATV sizes chart again is always useful.

ATV Sizes Chart

atv size chart

See the ATV sizes chart below:

Engine SizeDriver AgesTop SpeedWeightDimensions
50cc ATV6 – 1026200 lbs.52” L x 32” W x 33” H
70cc ATV10 +30250 lbs.54” L x 34” W x 36” H
90cc ATV10 – 1233265 lbs.59” L x 36” W x 37” H
200cc ATV12 – 1662350 lbs.64” L x 43” W x 42” H
250cc ATV12-1680400 lbs.70” L x 41” W x 43” H
270cc ATV16 +80420 lbs.74” L x 45” W x 43” H
300cc ATV16 +83480 lbs.75” L x 45” W x 46” H
350cc ATV16 +86510 lbs.78” L x 46” W x 47” H
400cc ATV16 +87400 lbs.82” L x 46” W x 47” H
450cc ATV16 +72550 lbs.83” L x 47” W x 48” H
500cc ATV16 +82630 lbs.85” L x 46” W x 49” H
650cc ATV16 +86640 lbs.86” L x 48” W x 50” H
700cc ATV16 +90665 lbs.87” L x 48” W x 49” H
800cc ATV16 +95700 lbs.92” L x 48” W x 56” H
1000cc ATV16 +98810 lbs.95” L x 52” W x 58” H
atv sizes chart
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50cc ATV

50cc ATVs are the smallest in all ATV sizes, and these engine size ATVs are very common. The top speed of a 50cc ATV is 18 MPH.

Only children above 6 and below 10 years old can drive 50cc engine size ATVs by maintaining proper ATV safety.

Average measurements of a 50cc ATV are 52 inches in length, 32 inches in width, and 33 inches in height.

The 50cc ATVs are lightweight; a 50cc ATV weight is between 200 to 220 lbs.

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70cc ATV

The 70cc ATVs are also considered to be children or kids types of  ATV. 70cc ATVs are relatively bigger than 50cc ATVs.

A 70cc ATV can go 30 MPH highest, and the minimum speed is 10 MPH. The dimensions of 70cc ATVs are 54 inches in length, 34.2 inches in width, and 36 inches in height.

The average weight of a 70cc ATV is 255 lbs or pounds, but a wet ATV’s weight can be higher.

90cc ATV

Almost every ATV manufacturer produces 90cc ATVs to the market because this engine size ATV is more popular than other Youth engine size ATVs.

Between 10 to 12 years old, children can drive a 90cc ATV. The average weight of 90cc ATVs is anywhere between 265 to 280 lbs.

The dimensions of 90cc ATVs are 59 inches in length, 36 inches in width, and 37 inches in height which is perfect for a ten years old kid.

200cc ATV

The 200cc ATVs are not widely popular engine size ATVs all over the nation, and also, some limited editions come out every year.

The weight and dimension of a 200cc ATV are more than any youth or kids ATV.

Only 12 to 16 years old can drive a 200cc ATV. From 340 to 360 lbs., a 200cc ATV can weigh.

A 200cc ATV comes with 64 inches in length, 43 inches in width, and 42 inches in height, which is quite bigger than a 90cc or 70cc ATV.

250cc ATV

In the range between 200cc to 270cc engine size ATVs, 250cc ATVs are the most popular for four-wheeler riders.

A 250cc ATV can go 80 MPH, and the average weight is between 400 to 430 lbs. Japanese ATV brands are well-known for making 250cc ATVs.

Adults above 16 years old are capable and controlling a 250cc ATV, and this engine size ATV does not have a speed limiter.

With 70 inches in length, 41 inches in width, and 43 inches in height, a 250cc ATV looks similar to a 200cc ATV.

270cc ATV

Previously only some Taiwan ATV brands manufactured most of the famous 270cc engine size ATVs, but now Chinese ATV brands are also making 270cc ATVs.

The average weight of a 270cc ATV is between 450 to 460 lbs. but with extra accessories, the weight can go up.

The 270cc ATV dimensions are 74 inches in length, 45 inches in width, and 43 inches in height.

300cc ATV

A 300cc ATV can weigh anywhere between 470 to 520 lbs that can ride with any age adult.

The top speed of 300cc ATVs is around 115 MPH, and a 300cc ATV has 75 inches in length, 45 inches in width, and 46 inches in height.

American ATV brands also make 300cc ATVs for their customers, and you also find them in stores.

350cc ATV

The dimensions of a 350cc ATV are 78 inches in length, 46 inches in width, and 47 inches in height.

But, it’s hard to find a dimension difference between 300cc to 350cc ATVs because both look the same.

400cc ATV

The 400cc engine size ATVs are getting famous because they are easy to handle and budget-friendly. 

A 400cc ATV weight is above 500 lbs. or pounds. And dimensions are 82 inches in length, 46 inches in width, and 47 inches in height.

You can keep a maximum of 85 MPH with a 400cc engine size quad but ensure ATV safety measures before the ride.

450cc ATV

A 450cc ATV is a mid-size ATV with a 90 MPH top speed. The 450cc engine size ATV must have 83 inches in length, 47 inches in width, and 48 inches in height.

The 450cc ATVs are only for adults who are above 16 years old and have experience driving a quad.

500cc ATV

From engine size 500cc to above, all ATVs are considered large size ATVs.

The dimensions of a 500cc ATV are 85 inches in length, 46 inches in width, and 49 inches in height.

The 500cc ATVs are not quite a popular engine size category; even many ATV manufacturers don’t make 500cc ATVs.

650cc ATV

Canadian ATV brand Can-Am is a major producer of 650cc ATV on the market.

The 650cc ATVs are heavy; they can weigh around 760 lbs. and measurements are 86 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 50 inches in height.

700cc ATV

Engine size 700cc is a large ATV with an average weight of 720 lbs to 770 lbs.

Also, the average dimensions of a 700cc ATV are 87 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 49 inches in height.

The 700cc ATV is always expensive because of their higher horsepower and carrying capacity.

800cc ATV

You often see an 800cc engine size ATV used for plowing snow to hauling.

The 800cc ATVs come from various brands and countries. An 800cc ATV has 92 inches in length, 48 inches in width, and 56 inches in height.

1000cc ATV

Polaris ATV manufacturers many of the highest engine size ATVs every year.

The dimensions of a 1000cc ATV are 95 inches in length, 52 inches in width, and 58 inches in height. 

A 1000cc ATV can go up to 96 MPH, and the weight of a 1000cc ATV is anywhere between 850 to 980 lbs.

Final Thoughts – ATV Sizes Chart

ATV sizes chart gives strong insights about all-terrain vehicle engine sizes.

By following ATV sizes measurement, you are able to know ATVs maximum speed according to ATV sizes.

Every engine size ATV category is different and used for different uses. In most cases, higher engine size ATVs are expensive and not so common on the market.

Mid-size ATVs are the most common all over the globe because they are easy to handle and capable of going through any terrain.

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