13 Amphibious ATV Brands in 2023

Amphibious ATV brands are special because they make the world’s most powerful and coolest ATV. Most ATV brands do not manufacture amphibious ATVs.

Amphibious ATVs come from American ATV brands because AATVs’ production cost is higher than regular 4-wheelers.

You might find some limited Chinese ATV manufacturers that produce AATV in the United States ATV market, but that often.

So, let’s know all amphibious ATV brands and brands’ best amphibious ATV with prices.

What is an Amphibious ATV?

Amphibious ATV is an ATV that is capable of going on the water and ground. An amphibious all-terrain vehicle is also known as AATV.

Amphibious ATVs are used for industry work, hunting, farm, and recreation. Amphibious ATVs often come with 6 wheeled and 8 wheeled.

To folate on the water Amphibious ATVs are made with lightweight body-tube. Amphibious ATV tire brands make different types of tires for AATV. As tires, amphibious ATVs use a balloon and soft tires.

Amphibious ATV Brands

amphibious atv brands
Amphibious ATV Brands 2023

Argo, Gibbs Sports Amphibians, and Avtoros are the most popular Amphibious ATV brands as of 2023. But, Argo is the most famous AATV manufacturer.

 Here is the list of amphibious ATV brands:

  1. Gibbs Sports Amphibians
  2. Avtoros
  3. Atlas ATV
  4. Argo
  5. LiteTrax
  6. Mudd-Ox
  7. Tinger
  8. Hydratrek, Inc.
  9. SHERP
  10. Green Scout
  11. Terra-Jet Inc
  12. Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd (Xibeihu)
  13. Planet Resource Recovery (Max ATVs)

1. Gibbs Sports Amphibians

Gibbs Sports Amphibians
Gibbs Sports Amphibians

Gibbs Sports Amphibians company is a subsidiary of Gibbs Amphibians. Alan Gibbs is the founder of Gibbs Sports Amphibians.

Since 1994, Gibbs Amphibians have been developing and producing Gibbs amphibians ATV. Gibbs Sports Amphibians brand’s ATVs parts are supplied from New Zealand.

The Quadski model was one of the most demanded and popular amphibians ATV from Gibbs Sports Amphibians brand.

Now the Quadski ATVs production is finished, but other Amphibious ATVs are available to buy.

Gibbs Sports Amphibians’ AATVs are powerful, and this brand maintains ATV safety standards. Gibbs AATVs can go up to 45 mph of speed on the water and land.

Top Gibbs Sports Amphibians Amphibious ATVs:

  • Quadski
  • Triski
  • Quadski XL

Price of Gibbs Sports Amphibians Amphibious ATVs:

Gibbs Sports Amphibians brand’s amphibious ATVs prices range between $38,000 to 45,000, which is expensive.

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2. Avtoros


Avtoros is a Russian ATV brand that makes one of the most famous and powerful Amphibious ATVs that is Avtoros Shaman.

Avtoros first started their journey in 1997. But, Avtoros started developing ATVs in 2005. Avtoros first manufactures 6 wheeled amphibious ATV.

Avtoros most famous AATV model, “Shaman” first came on the market in 2014. Avtoros Shaman was their most successful product, which introduced this brand worldwide.

Avtoros amphibious ATVs give you a smooth and comfortable off-roading experience. Avtoros AATV is highly powerful and tough enough to go through any terrain condition.

The massive size of the tires gives Avtoros Amphibious ATV more traction on the road.

Best Avtoros Amphibious ATV:

  • Avtoros Shaman

Cost of Avtoros Amphibious ATV:

Most Avtoros amphibious ATVs come with 8 wheeled and four-cylinder diesel engines. Avtoros amphibious ATVs price stated from $204,924. You can build your own Avtoros Shaman as you want.

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3. Atlas ATV

Atlas ATV
Atlas ATV

Atlas ATV is a Ukraine-based amphibious ATV brand that came into the ATV market way after Japan-based ATV manufacturers.

Amphibious ATVs from Atlas ATV brand are very stylish. Atlas AATVs can go 7 km/h speed on the water, and 60 km/h on land can also carry 12 passengers.

Atlas AATVs come out in two colors, black and white. Its amphibious ATVs are 4×4 wheels which are very beginner-friendly. Every single detail on the Atlas AATV can be modified.

Top Atlas ATV Amphibious ATV:

  • Atlas ATV

Cost of Atlas ATV Amphibious ATV:

The price of Atlas ATV brand’s amphibious ATV depends on the customer because the customer can design and customize the whole AATV by his preference.

4. Argo


On the Amphibious ATV market, Argo is the most popular brand. Argo is a Canadian all-terrain vehicles brand that was founded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Argo manufactures different types of ATVs, with 4 wheelers; Argo also makes 6×6 and 8×8 amphibious extreme terrain vehicles. But, Argo is more famous for its amphibious ATVs.

Argo bought several amphibious ATV series such as Conquest, Aurora, and Frontier. Argo produces a variety of amphibious ATVs every year.

SHERP amphibious ATV brand and Argo have joint ventures; that’s why you also can buy SHERP AATVs from Argo.

Best Argo Amphibious ATV:

  • Argo HDI 750 8X8
  • Argo Aurora 950 SX
  • Argo Frontier 700 Scout 8×8

Cost of Argo Amphibious ATV:

Argo amphibious ATV price stated from $21,433 to $123,200. For high duty work, Argo AATVs can be the best option.

5. LiteTrax


LiteTrax manufactures amphibious ATV for personal use, recreation, heavy work, plowing, towing, travel and off-roading.

Since 2000, LiteTrax has made amphibious ATVs and produced them in the market. LiteTrax is an American-based all-terrain vehicle manufacturer.

LiteTrax makes a limited model of AATV every year. The Muddtrax is the most popular amphibious ATV series from LiteTrax.

Top LiteTrax Amphibious ATV:

  • Muddtrax MTX-R
  • Muddtrax MTX-C
  • Snowtrax STX-C

Cost of LiteTrax Amphibious ATV:

The price of LiteTrax amphibious ATVs starts from $18,900, and LiteTrax AATVs are customizable; that’s why you can add extra features.

6. Mudd-Ox


Matt Oxender started Mudd-Ox when he was 14 years old. Mudd-Ox was founded in 1988 in Shipshewana, Indiana, United States.

In the United States, Mudd-Ox amphibious ATVs began to become popular after 2008. 

Mudd-Ox makes 6×6 and 8×8 amphibious ATV, but it’s 8 wheel AATVs are most popular. Mudd-Ox also makes extreme amphibious ATV for the military.

Best Mudd-Ox Amphibious ATV:


Price of Mudd-Ox Amphibious ATV:

Mudd-Ox amphibious ATV’s price range is $26,495 to $72,995. You must find a Mudd-Ox dealer to purchase its AATV.

7. Tinger


With amphibious ATVs’ popularity trend, the AATV brands have also increased gradually. Tinger is a Russian amphibious ATV manufacturer.

Since 2008, Tinger has started amphibious ATV production. Still, Tinger makes all types of amphibious ATV and produces it all over the globe.

The Tinger Track 2 is the most popular amphibious ATV from Tinger brand. You can ride a Tinger AATV as a tractor, quad bike, buggy, and snowmobile.

Best Tinger Amphibious ATVs:

  • Tinger Track 2
  • Tinger Armor
  • Tinger T

Tinger Amphibious ATVs Price:

Tinger amphibious ATVs price range is $22,907 to $67,199. A variety of colors are available, so you can choose as you want.

8. Hydratrek, Inc.

Hydratrek, Inc.

Hydratrek is another American amphibious ATV brand that makes powerful and effective AATV.

In 2004, Hydratrek company was established, inspired by the 2000s amphibious ATVs design and model. Hydratrek amphibious is available in many countries and in all of the U.S. states.

Hydratrek amphibious ATVs are used by the military, recreation, tourist, seismology, heavy worker, farmer, forester, and more.

Top Hydratrek Amphibious ATVs:

  • Hydratrek CM66
  • Hydratrek D2488B
  • Hydratrek LT 8X8 XHD

Hydratrek Amphibious ATVs Price:

The price of Hydratrek amphibious ATVs starts from $27,380, and you can also build your own amphibious ATV from Hydratrek.



SHERP is a Ukraine-based all-terrain vehicle manufacturer that makes powerful amphibious ATVs. QUADRO INTERNATIONAL is the developer and manufacturer of SHERP.

SHERP has a manufacturing and supply agreement with Argo. Alexei Garagashyan is the founder of SHERP, and he makes SHERP by the inspiration of monster trucks.

In the United States, SHERP amphibious ATVs are rare, but they are legal and you can buy SHERP. SHERP also shipped their products anywhere in the USA and globally.

Best SHERP amphibious ATVs:

  • SHERP N 1200
  • SHERP THE ARK 3400
  • SHERP PRO 1000

SHERP amphibious ATVs Price:

The price range of SHERP amphibious ATVs is $115,000 to $375,00. SHERP THE ARK 3400 is the most expensive AATV.

10. Green Scout

Green Scout
Green Scout

Green Scout is the world’s first 6-wheel electric amphibious all-terrain vehicle. But, this ATV brand is not as popular as other brands because they are new.

Green Scout is a new amphibious ATV brand that was established in 2017 by the two teams. Green Scout makes electric all-terrain vehicles that are really an innovation.

Although Green Scout amphibious ATVs are electric, they are also powerful enough. Green Scout amphibious ATVs are capable of going speed on land 70 km / h and speed on water 5 km / h.

Green Scout AATVs come with guarantees. To buy a Green Scout amphibious ATV, you must buy from their dealers.

Top Green Scout Amphibious ATVs:

  • Green Scout Monster

Green Scout Amphibious ATVs Price:

Green Scout amphibious ATVs price is $10,000. And Green Scout ATVs are available in the U.S.

11. Terra-Jet Inc

Terra-Jet Inc
Terra-Jet Inc

Terra-Jet is also known as Terra-Jet U.S.A. Terra-Jet is a Canadian amphibious ATV manufacturer that was established in 1969.

Terra-Jet AATVs are available in almost all U.S. states and foreign countries. Terra-Jet amphibious ATVs are used for heavy-work duty, recreation, tour, farm work, and more.

Larry Rabalais is now president and chief executive officer of Terra-Jet U.S.A company.

Terra-Jet amphibious ATVs include various advanced features such as economic air-cooled, electric starter, rack and pinion steering, four-cycle engine and more.

Top Terra-Jet U.S.A. Amphibious ATVs:

  • Terra-Jet VA-6 (0002-VA6-BS/IC)
  • Terra-Jet VA-6 (0001-VA-6)
  • Terra-Jet TE-453 (0003-TE-453)

Cost of Terra-Jet U.S.A. Amphibious ATVs:

The average price of Terra-Jet amphibious ATVs is $12,596.

12. Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd (Xibeihu)

Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd (Xibeihu)

Zhejiang Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. is a Chinese amphibious ATV brand, not a Taiwanese brand.

In 2005, Zhejiang Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. was established in China.

Zhejiang Xibeihu Special Vehicle company also has a short name that is Xibeihu. Xibeihu amphibious ATVs are available in many countries now.

Xibeihu AATVs are mostly used for the military because they can go through any terrain condition and are also powerful.

Top Xibeihu Amphibious ATVs:

  • XBH 8×8-2A
  • XBH 8×8-2
  • XBH 8×8-3

Xibeihu Amphibious ATVs Price:

Xibeihu AATVs average price is $15,364.

13. Planet Resource Recovery (Max ATVs)

Max ATVs
Max ATVs

Max ATV’s is Planet Resource Recovery ATV’s most popular product line. Planet Resource Recovery Inc. was founded in 1969.

Planet Resource Recovery company is well-known by the name of Max ATVs. Max ATVs amphibious ATVs are 6-wheel and effective.

Max ATVs are amphibious ATVs used for hunting, recreation, military, commercial, industrial, heavy-work, and farming.

Best Max ATVs Amphibious ATVs:

  • MAX II EFI 6×6
  • MAX IV EFI 6×6

Max ATVs Amphibious ATVs Price:

Max ATVs price range between $6,000 to $11,000. Max BUFFALO TRUCK EFI 6×6 is the most updated amphibious ATV from Max ATVs.

Conclusion – Amphibious ATV brands

Amphibious ATV brands can’t produce a high amount of AATV every year because Amphibious ATVs take more technology and time to build.

Every AATV brand has its unique product’s model lineup and specialty. Some amphibious ATV brands manufacture 6 wheeled AATV, and others make 8 wheeled.

Most types and models of amphibious ATVs are available in the United States.

AATV brands have lots of dealers all over the globe, and you need to find them if you want to buy an amphibious ATV.

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