5 Types of ATV Tires You Must Know Before Riding on Terrain

Types of ATV tires are made for different types of terrain. Just like choosing the right types of ATV for you, you must also buy different types of ATV tires based on the terrain you ride on.

Most ATV tires brands manufacture all types of ATV tires, so it would be easy to find the right one for your all-terrain vehicles.

Your ATV tire lifespan or how long your ATV tire lasts also depends on your ATV tire type.

For better grip, traction, and ATV driving safety to ride an ATV, you should have an in-depth understanding of ATV tires types.

Types of ATV Tires

types of atv tires
Types of ATV Tires

There are five types of ATV tires: snow, mud, rocky, sand, and racing tires, and all ATV tires types are available on the market as of 2023.

Five types of ATV tires are:

  1. Sand Tires
  2. Mud Tires
  3. Snow Tires
  4. All-Terrain Tires
  5. Racing Tires or Sport Tires

1. Sand Tires

atv sand tires
Sand Tires

ATV sand tires are also known as paddle tires because of their paddle tread pattern. This type of ATV tire size is similar to other types of tires.

Driving an ATV in the desert or on the beach with regular all-terrain tires is impossible. But, sand tires are exclusively designed to ride an ATV on sand properly.

The sand tires are completely different from other types of ATV tires. The rear sand tires are different from the front sand tires, which makes Sand tires so unique.

The scoops or paddles on sand tires are one inch tall, and each sand tire has more than 11 paddles on them.

For frequent scoops on sand tires, allow the tire to grip and force the all-terrain vehicle forward.

Sand tires normally come in 2 to 4 ply rating but not more than 6-ply rating, so you do not need to worry too much about punctures.

Typically, ATV sand tires are lightweight and wider than other ATV tires types.

Sand tires’ prices range anywhere between $110 to $190, and from most auto retailer shops in the United States, you can purchase sand tires.

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2. Mud Tires

atv mud tires
Mud Tires

Oftentimes ATV riders ride their ATV in mud terrain and where typical tires cannot force ATVs forward. Instead of normal tires, ATV riders use particular mud tires for mud off-road.

Mud tires are designed to go through deep, medium, and light mud with an aggressive pattern on them.

American ATV tires manufacturers are well recognized for making mud tires worldwide.

ATV mud tire’s tread patterns are wide, which helps the tires to disperse mud instantly without holding.

Heavy-duty mud tires are also available that are bigger than normal mud tires. Heavy-duty mud tire treads are one and two inches deep because they need more strength.

With the help of large lugs and aggressive tread patterns, mud tires can do self-cleaning, allowing them for better grip in mud.

ATV mud tires come with 4-ply, 6-ply, and 8-ply but 6-ply mud tires are most common on the market. 

Mud tires are more expensive than other types of ATV tires. ATV mud tire’s average price is anywhere between $80 to $160.

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3. Snow Tires

atv snow tires
Snow Tires

With the name of these ATV tire types, you must already guess what ATV snow tires are. ATV snow tires are also used on the ice, frozen lake, and light snow.

For similar tire textures and tread patterns between ATV mud tires and ATV snow tires, ATV riders also use mud tires on snow.

But, not every type of ATV mud tire is suitable for snow terrain. In order to use mud tires on snow, you must choose a mud tire that has wide and deep enough tread patterns.

Mud tires with wide and deep tread patterns help the tires have a better and more aggressive grip on snow.

Now, ATV tire manufacturers make tires for snow, so you can buy ATV tires for only snow. Canadian ATV riders are the most likely to use snow ATV tires than others.

With tire chains on mud tires, ATV riders drive a quad on snow which is common all over the world.

ATV snow tires are mostly 4-ply and 6-ply rating tires that are enough for riding on snow.

A quality ATV snow tire can cost you between $110 to $180 from a tire retail shop.

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4. All-Terrain Tires

atv all-terrain tires
All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are also known as general ATV tires. ATV riders mostly use all-terrain tires unless they go through any specific terrain.

ATV all-terrain tires are specialized in a variety of terrains such as rock, trail, off-road, winter, and more. All-terrain tires are even used for riding ATVs on the road.

All-terrain tires have tighter tread patterns that allow all-terrain tires for better traction on any terrain.

All-terrain tires are not specialized for heavy mud, snow, or sand, but all-terrain tires are capable of going through light mud and winter.

ATV all-terrain tires come in 2-ply, 4-ply, 6-ply, and even 8-ply ratings. Depending on your desired terrain condition, you should choose the right ply rating tires.

Generally, all-terrain tires’ price is less than $200, but the price can vary depending on locations and shops.

5. Racing Tires or Sport Tires

atv racing tires
Racing Tires

Whether you call it racing tires or sport tires, both are the same and effective for ATV sports.

For all-terrain vehicles racing and sports, ATV sports tires are used because they are incredibly lightweight and durable.

ATV racing tires have frequent knob-type patterns on tires, which allow the tires to do more traction and smooth handling on the ATV trail.

You can find various types of racing tires depending on the quality, ATV riding track, and different materials.

If you need ATV racing or sports tires, you must choose ATV racing or sports tires for better performance.

ATV racing tires come in 2-ply, 4-ply and 6-ply ratings; by considering your price, you can have any ply rating racing tires for your four-wheeler.

The price of sport tires is between $150 to $250, and most ATV tire brands manufacture sport tires.

Conclusion – Types of ATV Tires

Different types of ATV tires are designed for a particular terrain. Every ATV tire type has different qualifications and experience.

Before choosing any types of ATV tires, you must know the purpose of choosing ATV tires by considering your preferable terrain condition.

Most ATV riders have an all-terrain ATV tire that is capable of going through any terrain condition but not for heavy-duty. 

For Extreme mud terrain, you must choose ATV mud tire, for sand ATV sand tire, and for racing, you must choose ATV racing or sport tire.

So, now you know all types of ATV tires and why they are used, and more. For your further question, you can comment below.

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