What ATV Tires Are Made In USA 2024

Among many ATV tires brands, some limited brands’ ATV tires are made in USA.

Because of the excessive availability of ATVs brands, competition of ATV tire trade in the United States is higher than you think.

For better quality, reliability, and ATV safety, ATV riders always search for USA made ATV tires in the first place.

American-made ATV tire manufacturers also give ATV tire pressure recommendations with their tires which is helpful.

Like American made ATV, American made ATV tires are also demandable and popular all over the globe.

ATV Tires Made In USA

ITP, Carlisle, EFX, Interco, and Pit Bull ATV tires are made in USA as of 2024. You can find American-made ATV tires in most automotive retail shops.

USA made ATV tires are:

  1. ITP
  2. Pit Bull
  3. Interco
  4. Carlisle
  5. EFX
atv tires made in usa
ATV Tires Made in USA 2024

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1. ITP


ITP (Innovation, Traction, and Performance) ATV tires made in USA. Since 1982, ITP has been producing ATV tires and wheels all over America.

ITP is the subsidiary brand of The Carlstar Group. The Carlstar Group makes ITP ATV tires. ITP makes all types of ATV tires.

ITP ATV tires are made in Clinton, Tennessee, United States. ITP brand is not only well-recognized by the tires, their wheels are also becoming popular gradually.

For better grip and balance heading, ITP ATV tires are the best choice.  ITP makes tires for all types of all-terrain vehicles. And ITP ATV tires are also budget-friendly.

Top ITP ATV Tires Are:

  • ITP Mud Lite SP Tire
  • ITP Cryptid Tire
  • ITP Terra Hook Radial Tire

ITP ATV Tires Price:

From an ITP brand retailer, you can buy ITP ATV tires. The average ITP ATV tires price is between $90 to $260.

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2. Pit Bull

pit bull tire
Pit Bull

Pit Bull Brands, LLC makes Pit Bull tires. Pit Bull also makes USA-made ATV tires.

Like other American ATV tires brands, Put Bull also produces ATV tires for every terrain condition.

But, Pit Bull ATV tire’s price is higher than other American-made ATV tires brands and you find every size of ATV tires.

Pit Bull tires are manufactured and designed in the United States. This brand makes limited production of their tires every year.

Pit Bull tires earn a good reputation for durability and long-lasting capacity. Overall, Pit Bull ATV tires are a good and better choice for off-roading.

Popular Pit Bull ATV Tires are:


Pit Bull ATV Tires Price:

The average cost of Pit Bull ATV tires is $510.

3. Interco


Interco was founded in 1968 in the United States. Interco tires brand has been producing ATV tires for a long time now.

Interco makes tires for trailer, utility, agricultural, industrial, race, motocross, UTV and ATV. They also make customized tires for muscle cars.

Interco tires are made in Louisiana, United States. Ground Hawg, Blems, Super Swampers are the most famous fires by Interco tires brand.

Interco Tire Corporation is the owner of Interco brand. 

For better handling and traction, Interco ATV tires are good. And Interco ATV tires are also budget-friendly.

Best Interco ATV tires:

  • Interco Super Swamper Vampire ASX
  • Interco Radial Reptile
  • Interco Black Mamba
  • Interco Swamp Lite

Cost of Interco ATV tires:

Interco ATV tire’s price range is between $175 to $463. You have to buy Interco ATV tires from its dealers.

4. Carlisle


Carlisle also makes American made ATV tires. Charles S. Moomy is the founder of Carlisle tire brand.

The Carlstar Group makes Carlisle ATV tires. Carlisle also makes tires for utility vehicles, industrial tires, trailers, and more.

In the United States, Carlisle ATV tires are popular and available in many shops.

Carlisle ATV tires are made in Clinton, Tennessee, United States.

Popular Carlisle ATV Tires Are:

  • Carlisle AT489C ATV Tire
  • Carlisle All Trail ATV Tire
  • Carlisle Trailpro Tires

Cost of Carlisle ATV Tires:

Carlisle ATV tires price range between $120 to $210. In most automobile retailers, you can find Carlisle ATV tires.

5. EFX


In 1995, EFX tire brand was founded in the United States. Although EFX has been making USA-made ATV tires for a long time now, EFX is not a popular ATV tire in America.

Wheel Pros, LLC makes EPX tires, and EFX ATV tires are made in Denver, Colorado, United States.

With only limited tires, EPX became a popular ATV tire brand in America because of the quality of its tires.

EPX tires are capable of going through any terrain condition, from mud to sand.

Top EFX ATV Tires Are:

  • EFX Motoclaw
  • EFX Motohammer
  • EFX Motoravage

EFX ATV Tires Price:

EFX ATV tires price anywhere between $183 to $273.

Final Thoughts – ATV Tires Made in USA

USA-made ATV tires are widely available in many auto retailer shops and brand’s dealers.

To get a long-lasting tire lifespan, you must purchase quality and better brand tires for ATV, where you should choose American-made tires.

Choosing American-made ATV tires can be a better option if you think about stable and better handling.

ITP and Carlisle USA-made tires are the most available in America. So, you should find their ATV tires easily without any hassle.

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