110cc ATV Weight Limit (All you Need To Know)

110cc ATV weight limit you need to know before getting a 110cc engine size ATV for you or your family members.

Every engine size ATV has a different weight limit depending on various factors.

Often, finding the weight limit on an ATV sizes chart is a little bit confusing.

But, buying an ATV depending on ATV sizes by age is not enough; you also follow the ATV weight limit.

So, let’s find the 110cc ATV weight limit, what are the best 110cc ATVs, 110cc ATV top speed, what age is a 110cc ATV for, and more here.

110cc ATV Weight Limit

The weight limit for a 110cc ATV is 176 lbs. or 80 kg, and this weight does not include ATV accessories and fuel. The 110cc engine size ATVs are only for kids, not for adults.

110cc atv weight limit
What Is The Weight Limit For A 110cc ATV?

Now, 110cc ATVs are common in the market and also among many kids ATV riders because most ATV manufacturers are producing.

For budget-friendliness and the weight carrying capacity of 110cc ATVs, this engine size ATV is more popular all over the globe.

Age range between eight to twelve years old, 110cc ATVs are most used.

The 110cc engine size ATVs are categorized as youth types of ATV; that’s why they have small dimensions and limited weight capacity.

What Are The Best 110cc ATVs?

In recent years, the production of 110cc ATVs gradually increased. From Canadian to Japanese ATV brands are making 110cc engine size ATVs.

Choosing the best 110cc ATV can make you bewildered, so also come up with the list of the best 110cc ATVs for you.

The list of best 110cc ATVs:

  1. Polaris Sportsman 110
  2. Coleman AT110
  3. TAO TAO 110cc
  4. IceBear Dyno 110cc

1. Polaris Sportsman 110

The Polaris Sportsman 110 is the best 110cc ATV on the market. Polaris manufactures American-made ATVs for people of all ages. 

For your children, the Polaris Sportsman 110 model is going to be perfect because it has an adjustable speed limiter which will keep your kids safe on ATV.

The Polaris Sportsman 110 has a 112cc engine size and 6 inches of travel suspension.

2. Coleman AT110

Coleman is a Chinese four-wheeler manufacturer that produces ATVs in the United States ATV market.

The Coleman AT110 is a 107cc engine ATV that weight limit is 150 lbs. or 68 kg.

Only kids above ten years old can drive Coleman AT110 ATV while maintaining ATV driving safety.

3. TAO TAO 110cc

TAO TAO brand ATVs are very common and widely popular ATVs all over the globe.

The TAO TAO 110cc engine size ATV maximum loading capacity is 159 lbs or 72 kg, which is enough for youth quad riders.

4. IceBear Dyno 110cc

IceBear Dyno 110cc ATV is another best youth ATV that has a 110cc engine to operate.

Unlike other 110cc ATVs, the IceBear Dyno 110cc ATV has more weight capacity. This youth ATV weight limit is 201 lbs or 91 kg.

The IceBear Dyno 110cc ATV is fully automatic with no reverse and has disk brakes.

How Fast Does A 110cc ATV Go?

A 110cc ATV can go 30 Miles per hour (mph), and the top speed of a 110cc ATV also depends on the ATV brand and terrain.

Most 110cc engine ATVs come with adjustable speed limiters, so ATV riders can set the maximum speed as they want.

Between 8 to 12 years old, kids drive 110cc engine size ATV. Therefore, the speed of a 110cc ATV is limited.

What Age Is A 110cc ATV For?

The 110cc ATVs are for ages between 8 to 12 kids because 110cc ATVs have less weight carrying capacity and are small in size.

The age limit of an ATV driver also depends on the physical appearance of the rider. Over 12 years old children, a 110cc ATV is going to be small.

How Big Is A 110cc ATV?

The average dimensions of a 110cc ATV are 60 inches in length, 37 inches in width, and 38 inches in height.

In the youth categories ATV, 110cc ATV is a bigger ATV because 50cc to 90cc ATVs are smaller than 110cc ATV.

But, the size of the 110cc ATVs is always dependent on the manufacturer that’s you must check the ATV dimensions and specifications before getting a 110cc engine size ATV.

How Much Is A 110cc ATV?

A 110cc ATV is going to cost you between $1,599 to $3,500, but the price varies on brands and quality.

In most cases, Chinese and Taiwan 110cc quad prices range from $1,500 to $2,699.

But, buying an American or Japanese 110cc ATV costs anywhere between $2,500 to $3,499.

If you add some accessories to the 110cc ATV, the price also goes up.

Final Thoughts

The 110cc ATV weight limit should be followed by every ATV rider. Keep in mind that 110cc engine size ATVs are only for kids, not adults.

Every component of a 110cc quad is smaller than any adult-size ATV.

Some limited ATV brands now produce 110cc four-wheelers for the market. But, Chinese ATV brands manufacture the most 110cc ATVs.

Make sure you follow your 110cc ATV weight capacity before driving to avoid any damage.

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