ATV Weight: Average ATV Weight, Chart (All You Need to Know)

ATV weight is necessary to know before getting an all-terrain vehicle for anyone.

All-terrain vehicle manufacturers combine the ATV weight by engine size.

ATV weight also depends on the ATV type because not every type of ATV weighs the same.

Depending on ATV weight, ATV owners consider getting the right ATV tire size, what work it’s used for, and many more.

Therefore, knowing ATV weight is important for ATV riders and enthusiasts before buying one.

Here we are going to tell everything about ATV weight: how much does an ATV weigh, average ATV weight by engine size, how to choose the right ATV sizes by weight, and ATV weight chart.

How Much Does an ATV Weigh?

how much does an atv weigh
How Much Does an ATV Weigh 2022

The average ATV weight is between 620 lbs. or 281 kilograms. But, depending on ATV types, weight also changes. Side-by-Side (SxS) or utility ATV weight is between 600 to 895 lbs. while sport ATV weight is between 345 to 450 lbs. Youth ATVs are the light that can be 215 lbs.

To measure ATV weight, dry and wet are considered. Wet ATV weight refers to when an ATV gas tank is full, and dry ATV weight means when the gas tank is empty.

Modification on ATV can increase an ATV’s weight depending on what you modified.

And if you add accessories like a winch, saddlebag, storage, loading ramps, lights, and more can add extra weight to an ATV.

ATV brands mention the weight of the ATVs weight on the user manual; you can check quickly.

You can go to any highway weigh station to know your ATV’s exact weight.

Average Weight Of Different ATV Types

average weight of different atv types
Average Weight Of Different ATV Types

By ATV types, you can also categorize ATV average weight. There are four types of ATV, and every type of ATV has a different weight according to its use.

So, let’s find out the average weight of different ATV types:

Youth ATV Weight

The average weight of a youth ATV is between 220 to 270 lbs. Depending on wet or dry, youth ATVs weight varies also.

In most cases, a youth ATV’s wet weight is 265 lbs., and dry weight is 225 lbs.

As you know, youth ATVs are manufactured for only kids between 6 to 12 years old; that’s why youth ATVs weigh less than other types of ATVs.

There are some limited options for adding extra accessories to youth ATVs, so youth ATV weight stays low.

Youth ATV’s engine size range is between 50cc to 90cc, and every youth ATV comes with a speed limiter.

Sport ATV Weight

A sport or racing ATV can weigh anywhere between 400 to 610 lbs. but high engine size sport ATVs weigh more than average sport ATVs.

ATV manufacturers make sport ATVs by considering both the balance and weight of the ATV.

For more speed, sports ATVs are lightweight and small sizes.

Most sport ATVs’ engine size is above 450cc, and manufacturers try to cut the weight for better speed on the trails.

Side-By-Side (SxS) ATV Weight

The average side-by-side (SXS) ATV weight varies depending on the size and use, but the average weight of a side-by-side (SXS) ATV is about 715 lbs.

Often side-by-side ATVs are used for concentration work, hauling, and also for recreation tours.

Side-by-side ATVs for recreational use always come with higher weight.

Utility ATV Weight

Utility ATVs are heavier than other types of ATVs. Most Utility ATV weight ranges start from 890 lbs.

There are several models of utility ATV that weigh over 1000 lbs. such as Can-AM Outlander Max 6×6 XT 1000, Polaris Sportsman 6×6 570, and more.

And utility ATVs have a more powerful and large size of engines that help utility ATVs to overcome any obstacle.

Average ATV Weight by Engine Size

average atv weight by engine size
Average ATV Weight by Engine Size

Often ATV weights are measured by the ATV engine size because it’s easy and simple. 

Here is the average ATV weight by engine size:

50cc ATV Weight

The average weight of 50cc ATVs is anywhere between 200 to 230 lbs.

The 50cc ATVs are included in the kids ATV category. Kids ATVs are the smallest and lightest ATV.

70cc ATV Weight

You find the average 70cc ATVs weight is not more than 250 lbs., while dry and wet can be 265 lbs.

Although 70cc engine size ATVs are not really popular all over the nation, some Chinese ATV brands produce 70cc ATVs in the market.

90cc ATV Weight

The average weight of a 90cc ATV is between 265 to 280 lbs, but with extra accessories on a 90cc ATV, the weight can go up.

From America to Taiwan ATV manufacturers make 90cc engine size ATVs for kids and youth.

200cc ATV Weight

Most 200cc ATV weights are between 350 to 365 lbs. but weight can be increased when ATV is wet.

Between 12 to 16 years old, kids can drive a 200cc ATV with proper safety procedures.

250cc ATV Weight

The average weight of a 250cc ATV is about 400 to 420 lbs., as of 2022.

The 250cc ATV is the most popular engine size ATV that most all-terrain vehicles manufacturers produce in the market, especially Japanese ATV brands.

In adults and middle-aged people, 200cc ATVs are more common than any other engine size ATVs.

300cc ATV Weight

The 300cc ATVs weigh anywhere between 480 to 520 lbs. on average.

You often do not find 300cc ATV in the market because ATV manufacturers produce limited products.

But, American ATV brands like Polaris and Arctic Cat have 300cc engine size ATVs.

350cc ATV Weight

We find the average 350cc ATVs weight is above 510 lbs. or 231 kg. But, with ATV accessories, the 350cc ATVs weight can be slightly higher than average.

In recent years, 350cc ATVs are becoming more popular. ATV brands like Yamaha, Honda, and others started making 350cc engine size ATVs for adults.

400cc ATV Weight

The 400cc Sport ATV’s average weight is between 370 to 400 lbs. but the 400cc utility weight can be over 500 lbs.

The 400cc ATVs are more common in the category of sport ATVs. But, there are also some utility ATVs that are 400cc also.

450cc ATV Weight

Typically a dry 450cc ATV weight is between 550 to 665 lbs., but a wet 450cc ATV weighs more than 660 lbs.

The 450cc ATVs are only for adults not less than 16 years old. 450cc engine sizes are also used in sport and utility ATVs.

500cc ATV Weight

You find the average weight of a 500cc ATV is between 630 to 760 lbs.

The weight can be different depending on the engine and features of a 500cc ATV.

650cc ATV Weight

A wet 650cc ATV’s average weight is 640 lbs. and dry weight is 610 lbs.

The 650cc engine size ATVs are not common among all brand’s all-terrain vehicles.

Brands like Arctic Cat and Can-Am have limited editions of 650cc ATVs only.

700cc ATV Weight

The average weight of a 700cc ATV is between 650 lbs. to 710 lbs.

Currently, engine sizes with 700cc ATVs are common. Most of the ATV brands have 700cc ATV. Yamaha is most commonly producing 700cc ATVs on the market.

800cc ATV Weight

Most 800cc ATVs weigh above 700 lbs. in dry, and 800cc wet ATVs’ weight is no more than 730 lbs.

The Can-Am Renegade 800 is the lightest 800cc ATV that weighs 601 lbs.

1000cc ATV Weight

The average 1000cc ATV weight is always more than 810 lbs., and 1000cc ATV weight can go over 950 lbs.

On the ATV market, 1000cc ATVs are widely popular because most ATV brands are producing 1000cc ATVs.

For using a more efficient and higher engine capacity on 1000cc ATVs, its overall weight is higher than other engine sizes of ATV.

ATV Weight Chart

To know every class and model of ATVs weight, you can follow the ATV weight chart below:

atv weight chart
ATV Weight Chart By

Why Is An ATV Weight Important?

Choosing the right ATV weight for riders is important for proper ATV driver safety and balancing ATV on the terrain,

Just like selecting an ATV size by rider age is equally important to ATV weight for the driver.

Here are some reasons why an ATV weight is important:

  • Heavy ATV for high speed:
    When you use your ATV for sports, it’s better if you have a higher weight ATV because heavy ATVs can go faster than light ATVs.
  • Lighter ATV easy to handle:
    You can often see lighter ATVs for recreational purposes the most because they are easy to handle.
  • A heavy ATV is better for work:
    ATVs are frequently used for work like towing and hauling. For work, choose a heavy ATV because it provides more power.
  • For off-roading, choose a less weight ATV:
    When you go off-roading, you should drive an ATV that has less weight. Light ATV can carry you easily through rough terrain.

Conclusion – ATV Weight

ATV weight is always important whether you are going to get an ATV for work or sports.

For the same engine sizes, you can find various weights of ATV, but you must choose which one is going to be better for your work.

The average weight of ATVs gives you an overall idea of how much your ATV can weigh.

So, check ATV’s weight on the user manuals before getting one.

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