Top 9 Diesel UTVs of 2024

Key Takeaways

  • Top diesel UTV choices include the Kubota RTV-X1130, Polaris Pro XD, John Deere HPX815E, and Kawasaki MULE PRO-DX.
  • For higher budgets, the Bobcat UV34XL Diesel and John Deere XUV865M Diesel offer significant power.
  • The Polaris Ranger Diesel and Kubota RTV-X1130 are the best for farming due to their superior towing, hauling, and payload capacities.
  • The main difference between diesel and gasoline UTVs is that diesel models provide 20% to 35% better fuel efficiency than their gasoline counterparts.
  • Kubota, Polaris, and John Deere are some of the top brands known for their quality diesel UTVs.

Best Diesel UTVs of 2024:

top 9 diesel utvs

1. Kubota RTV-X1130

kubota rtv-x1130

Price: $20,899

Kubota, a leader in the diesel UTV market, offers the efficient RTV-X1130. This full-size UTV stands out in 2024 for its performance and load capacity.

I’ve experienced its 24.8 horsepower, 3-cylinder, 4-cycle diesel engine firsthand, delivering impressive power with 51.4 ft-lbs of torque, ideal for heavy loads.

Its VHT-X transmission enhances performance and durability, allowing a max speed of 25 mph. The ride is smooth, handling well under loads and at various speeds.

It tows up to 1,300 lbs and has a payload capacity of 1,212 lbs. The hydraulic dump bed, with a 26.1 cubic feet capacity, is notable for its convenience.

The ProKonvert cargo bed adds versatility, easily transforming into a flatbed, accessible from all sides.

For your safety, it meets SAE J2194 and OSHA 1928 ROPS standards, with a high-rigidity frame that reduces noise and vibrations.

The suspension handles rough terrain effortlessly, with 11.3-inch front and 9.4-inch rear ground clearance. Comfort is enhanced by ergonomic seats, tilt-adjustable steering, a digital meter cluster, and hydraulic power steering.

Available in Kubota Orange or Realtree Camo, the RTV-X1130 also offers optional HDMP tyres, adding to its rugged look.

2. Polaris Pro XD Full-Size Standard Diesel

polaris pro xd full size standard diesel

Price: $18,499

The Polaris Pro XD, a full-size diesel UTV, offers a standard three-passenger model, along with a six-seater crew version.

Its performance rivals Kubota RTVs, thanks to the powerful 3-cylinder Kubota® Diesel engine. This engine delivers a steady 24.5 HP and is enhanced by its 898 cc displacement and a mechanical injection fuel system, ensuring consistent power. The liquid cooling feature keeps it running smoothly under various conditions.

The on-demand 4×4 drive system excels in handling and traction on different terrains. The automatic PVT transmission with a shaft drive operates seamlessly.

The bed box, at 43.5 x 54 x 11.5 inches, provides a payload capacity of 1,900 lbs, a key reason it ranks among the top diesel UTVs.

It navigates rough terrain with ease, thanks to an 11-inch ground clearance and 85-inch wheelbase.

The digital gauge cluster gives a complete overview of the ride. The Lock & Ride® cargo system simplifies loading and unloading. The seats, covered with durable Kevlar®-backed vinyl, are comfortable and easy to maintain.

3. John Deere HPX815E Diesel

john deere hpx815e diesel

Price: $16,599

In my view, the John Deere HPX815E Diesel tops the market for diesel UTVs. Here’s why:

The HPX815E’s 854 cc diesel engine offers a solid 18.2 horsepower and 50 Nm of torque. Its OHV design and carburetor fuel system make it both reliable and efficient.

I appreciate its continuously variable transmission (CVT) with high, low, and reverse gears. The On-Demand™ driveline with 2WD/4WD modes and a differential lock offers great flexibility.

It has a payload capacity of 1400 lbs and can tow up to 1300 lbs. Its 5.3-gallon fuel capacity is more than adequate for extended use.

Ride comfort is assured with the McPherson Strut Single A-Arm front suspension and independent rear suspension. The operator protective structure (OPS) with three-point seat belts adds safety.

Its cargo box is made from a durable, rust-resistant polypropylene composite and can carry up to 454 kilograms (1000 pounds).

It features halogen headlights and offers options like cab doors, a bed divider, rearview mirrors, and a windshield.

Priced affordably, the HPX815E is the most budget-friendly on our list, without compromising on John Deere’s quality, making it a recommendation I give confidently.

4. Kawasaki MULE PRO-DX

kawasaki mule pro-dx

Price: $19,599

The Kawasaki MULE PRO-DX remains a top player in the diesel side-by-side category, and I consider it a pioneer in its class.

It’s powered by a robust 993cc, 3-cylinder, OHV, liquid-cooled diesel engine, delivering a strong 38.3 lb-ft of torque at 2,400 rpm, ideal for heavy pulling and efficiency.

A key feature is its impressive capacity, with a payload of 1,581 lbs, towing capability of 2,000 lbs, and a practical cargo bed handling up to 1,000 lbs.

It boasts an independent double wishbone suspension with 8.7 inches of travel, fitted with durable 26-inch Duro tires for both front and rear.

Additional features like halogen headlights, an optional winch, and digital instrumentation, including speedometer and odometer, add to its functionality.

Despite its slightly higher price, the 2024 Kawasaki MULE PRO-DX stands out for its reliability and durability, making it a worthwhile investment in my view.

5. Polaris Ranger Diesel

polaris ranger diesel

Price: Around $21,000

The Polaris Ranger Diesel, primarily for the European market, is less common in the U.S. yet remains a notable option.

It’s equipped with an 898cc Kubota 3-cylinder Diesel engine, providing 24 HP and a reliable liquid cooling system.

With 12 inches of ground clearance, it easily handles rough terrain. It boasts a payload capacity of 1500 lbs and a towing capacity of 2000 lbs.

 The interior offers bench seating for three, a 10-gallon fuel tank, digital instrumentation, and manual steering with a tilt wheel for enhanced control.

Polaris has ensured safety with a sturdy steel frame, rollbar, and skid plate in the Ranger Diesel.

The cargo bed supports up to 1000 lbs, and the vehicle includes additional storage spaces and standard halogen headlights for good visibility.

So, I would say the Polaris Ranger Diesel strikes a balance between power, functionality, and comfort, making it a reliable choice for various utility needs.

6. Kubota RTV-X

kubota rtv-x

Price: $16,999

The RTV-X, a top seller in Kubota’s X-Series lineup, starts at $16,999. It features a 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, OHV diesel engine with 24.8 HP, a Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X), and standard 4WD with a foot-operated differential lock.

Although its 7.9 US gallon fuel capacity could be larger for a full-size UTV, it still reaches speeds up to 25 mph, which is quite good for a work-focused UTV.

In terms of utility, the RTV-X carries up to 1102 lbs in its cargo bed and tows up to 1300 lbs, proving its capability for heavy-duty tasks.

Notable features include LED low-beam headlights, the innovative Kubota ProKonvert Cargo Bed, and various optional add-ons like blade attachments and work lights.

Additionally, Kubota offers special programs like the 2024 Equine Membership Purchasing Program and financing options until the end of 2024.

7. Bobcat UV34XL Diesel

bobcat uv34xl diesel

Price: $20,799

The Bobcat UV34XL Diesel, often recommended online, impresses with its robust 23.5 horsepower, liquid-cooled diesel engine.

A key feature of the UV34XL is its six-person seating capacity, making it ideal for crew transport or group tasks on large sites.

Its cargo box can hold up to 1,250 lbs, great for moving heavy loads.

Equipped with a high-output 140-amp alternator, the UV34XL supports various accessories and tools, and its glow plugs ensure reliable starts in cold weather.

Priced at around $20,000, the Bobcat UV34XL Diesel distinguishes itself in a competitive market with features like exceptional seating, a substantial cargo box, and dependable performance.

Additionally, Bobcat provides attractive financing options, including 0% financing for 24 months or rebate offers.

 8. John Deere XUV865M Diesel

john deere xuv865m diesel

Price: $21,949

The John Deere XUV865M Diesel, at $21,949, is an upgrade from the HPX815E Diesel.

It has an 854 cc diesel engine, excelling in fast acceleration, efficient hauling, and hill-climbing. The engine’s torque ensures consistent performance in various tasks.

This model stands out with a 4,000 lbs towing capacity and a 1,500 lbs payload capacity. Its durable cargo box, resistant to damage, is approximately 45x52x12 inches and converts into a flatbed.

 The XUV865M offers comfortable three-passenger seating, an adjustable driver’s seat, tilt steering, and optional features like cab doors and heating, making it versatile for work and leisure. It’s user-friendly with automotive-like controls, a clear instrument panel, and responsive power steering.

Additional features include enough storage for carrying, cup holders, easy tailgate operation, and tire options for different terrains.

9. Yanmar Brahma Semi Cab

yanmar brahma semi cab

Price: Up to $24,000

Having tried the Yanmar Brahma Semi Cab UTV myself, I’m impressed by its performance, especially given Yanmar’s partnership with Yamaha to target the U.S. market.

This UTV is powered by a strong 993cc, 3-cylinder, inline diesel engine, making it reliable for towing and hauling.

The Brahma’s 12.2-inch ground clearance easily overcomes obstacles, and its cargo bed supports up to 1000 lbs, with a towing capacity of 2000 lbs – great for moving equipment.

Its front suspension with 10.6-inch travel and 10.2-inch rear travel ensure a smooth ride. The effective braking system, with large discs and twin-piston calipers, adds to the safety in challenging conditions.

Features like electronic power steering, automotive tail lights, and a digital instrument panel make it user-friendly and practical.

While the Yanmar Brahma Semi Cab excels as a diesel workhorse, it’s more suited to farming tasks than recreational use, and it comes with a significant price tag.

So, Do You Really Need a Diesel UTV? (Buying Guide)

I strongly recommend reading this section carefully before making up your mind to get a diesel UTV.

Well, by highlighting the major pros and cons of diesel UTVs, I aim to provide clarity on whether a diesel UTV is the right choice for you. This comparison should help in determining if a diesel UTV meets your specific needs, or if a gasoline model would be a better fit. 

Pros of Diesel UTVs:

  • Workhorse Capability: Diesel UTVs are durable and can handle heavy workloads, ideal for tasks like farm work and ranch chores due to their robust engines and longevity. Also they are good for long hour operation.
  • Longer Lifespan: Diesel UTV engines can last significantly longer than gasoline engines, often exceeding 1,000 hours of use with proper maintenance.
  • Increased Torque: Offering higher torque, they excel in pulling and towing, effectively handling challenging terrains and tough jobs.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Diesel engines are more fuel-efficient, consuming less fuel per mile, which leads to longer rides and reduced fuel costs.
  • Lower Maintenance: With fewer components like spark plugs and wires, diesel UTVs often require less maintenance, translating to lower costs and increased productivity.
  • Strong Low-End Power: They provide better performance in off-road conditions and when dealing with heavy loads due to their power at low RPMs.

Cons of Diesel UTVs:

  • Higher Upfront Cost: Generally, diesel UTVs are more expensive initially due to the technology and components required for diesel engines.
  • Heavier Weight: The weight of diesel engines can impact maneuverability and make it harder to navigate rough terrains.
  • Limited Top Speed: They usually have a lower top speed average 30 mph, affecting high-speed recreational riding.
  • Higher Emissions: Modern diesel UTVs are becoming more environmentally friendly with advancements in technology, but they generally have higher emissions compared to gasoline UTVs.
  • Slower Acceleration: Diesel engines may not be as responsive as gasoline engines, especially in quick acceleration scenarios.
  • Expensive to Maintain: While diesel UTVs typically require less frequent maintenance, the cost of maintenance can be higher compared to gasoline UTVs.
  • Fuel Availability: While diesel is widely available, in some regions, especially North America, it’s less available than gasoline, which might cause inconvenience in refueling.
  • Not Ideal for Recreational Use: Diesel UTVs, with noise levels often exceeding 98 dB, are less suitable for recreational use, especially for long drives or tours, due to potential discomfort for your ears.

If you care about noise level while riding, check out the quietest UTV on the market.

Lastly remember, if you have questions about diesel UTVs or need advice, feel free to comment below. I’m here to help and happy to share more insights!

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