The 25 Best Off-Road Parks In Oklahoma 2022 (Address & Fees)

Off-roading in Oklahoma gives you a special insight into the state’s beauty.

There are several off-road parks in Oklahoma managed by The National Park Service (NPS), which prove the state of Oklahoma welcomes off-road enthusiasts.

Most off-road parks in Oklahoma allow all types of off-road vehicles. Jeep and SUVs are also permitted on trials of many off-road parks.

You can get the experience of off-roading on mud, sand, or dune, rock crawling, light, and all the different types of trails in various Oklahoma off-road parks.

So, let’s see the list of all off-road parks in Oklahoma with addresses, contact information, admission fees, and the rules to ride.

Off-Road Parks In Oklahoma

Best off-road parks in Oklahoma:

  1. MidAmerica Outdoors
  2. Texoma Mud Park
  3. Redneck Off-Road Heaven
  4. Robbers Cave State Park
  5. Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping
  6. Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park
  7. Red River ATV Park
  8. Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area
  9. Kiamichi Trail
  10. Cross Bar Ranch Off-road Park
  11. The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park
  12. Twin Mountains Off-Road Park
  13. Lake Murray State Park
  14. Little Sahara State Park
  15. Boogeyville Offroad Park
  16. Bee Creek Mountain
  17. Kaw Lake ORV Area
  18. White Water ORV Park
  19. Madden Crew Offroad Park
  20. Beaver Dunes Park
  21. Appalachia Bay Recreation Area
  22. Green Acres Offroad
  23. Camp Gruber ORV Area
  24. Hogans Off Road Park
  25. Henryetta Off-Road Track & Trail
off road parks in oklahoma
Off-Road Parks In Oklahoma

1. MidAmerica Outdoors

midamerica outdoors
MidAmerica Outdoors

If you are off-road passionate and living in Oklahoma, you must have heard the name MidAmerica Outdoors because this is the most popular off-road park in Oklahoma.

MidAmerica Outdoors is an off-road racing and riding park located in Northeast Oklahoma.

MidAmerica Outdoors offers over 1,600 acres of land with premium amenities and facilities for spectators and off-road drivers.

MidAmerica Outdoors off-road park’s trails are mostly wooded with some dozed roads. Some trails are beginner friendly too.

You are welcome with every type of off-road vehicle here. They have a spectator-friendly racing track which makes this widely popular across the state of Oklahoma.

Not only as an off-road park, but MidAmerica Outdoors is also very popular for various events. They host live music and off-road racing events several times a year.

Currently, they have over 75 cabins to stay in, RV sites, and several camping grounds in their area.

Address: 42162 OK-127, Jay, Oklahoma – 74346, United States

Contact: +1 918-837-0079

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2. Texoma Mud Park

texoma mud park
Texoma Mud Park

Texoma Mud Park is located in Bokchito town, Oklahoma. They allowed all ATVs, Jeeps, SUVs, SXS, UTVs, and OHVs on their trails.

You can ride your off-road vehicle on over 5 miles of trails that include several mud pits.

Their trails are very wide, so you are going to have a little more space to control your vehicle, although this facility helps beginner riders.

Texoma Mud Park’s trails are a little more challenging; that’s why I recommend you to ride with a group or your friends.

I suggest you make a reservation before coming so that you can use their electric sites because they have limited electric sites.

Restrooms, parking spaces, and shower facilities are available. And you are also going to find a concession stand here to buy snacks.

Address: 60 Reynolds Chapel Rd, Bokchito, Oklahoma 74726, United States

Contact: 580-775-4927

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3. Redneck Off-Road Heaven

redneck off-road heaven
Redneck Off-Road Heaven

Redneck Off-Road Heaven is another popular off-road park in Oklahoma. Here, you can ride your off-road vehicle on various trails.

Redneck Off-Road Heaven offers 220 acres of off-road land. You are going to find mud pits, trails, hills, campsites, creeks, wood, and more riding-friendly areas.

They also have some limited rules and regulations for riding, that’s why you can explore the park with full enjoyment.

But, the terrains stay too dry during summer, that’s why riding can not be challenging enough. But dry terrain is going to be helpful to learning.

Redneck Off-Road Heaven off-road park is open 24 hours and seven days a week. The entry fee is $10 per person.

Address: Old US Hwy 70, Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401, United States

Contact: +1 580-257-9782

4. Robbers Cave State Park

robbers cave state park
Robbers Cave State Park

Robbers Cave State Park is also allowed off-roading in its area. Robbers Cave State Park is located in the city of Wilburton, Oklahoma.

This is a perfect place to practice and learn off-roading because Robbers Cave State Park’s trails are beginner friendly.

But Robbers Cave State Park is famous for riding ATVs. So, if you are an ATV rider, you need to check out these state park trails.

Robbers Cave State Park offers the most wooded trails and has several campsites around all over the parking area.

To off-roading at Robbers Cave State Park, a permit is required. And this park only stays open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

Address: 2084 NW 146th Rd, Wilburton, Oklahoma 74578, United States

Contact: +1 918-465-2562

5. Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping

soggy bottom trails, pub & camping
Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping

Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping is a riverside off-road park located in Wanette town, Oklahoma.

Soggy Bottom Trails off-road park offers 120 acres of ATV, UTV, Jeep, SUV, and SXS trails. Trials include mud bog pits and a sand track.

This off-road park has the most challenging trails in Oklahoma compared to other off-road parks.

RV sites, along with many tent sites, are available here. This park currently offers several amenities and facilities.

Soggy Bottom Trails, Pub & Camping has noise policies, speed limits, pet rules, and firearm rules, so it’s recommended to know them before coming.

Park is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Soggy Bottom Trails entry fee is $10 per off-road vehicle, but additional vehicles are free to enter the park.

Address: 44179 Drummond Rd, Wanette, Oklahoma 74878, United States

Contact: +1 405-765-9993

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6. Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park

pine mountain trails atv park
Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park

Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park is a family-owned off-road park in Oklahoma.

Currently, Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park has over 1,773 acres of an off-roading area where you can ride on various terrain.

Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park offers over 70 miles of trails for UTVs, ATVs, SXS, and dirt bikes.

This park is near the Kiamichi Mountains, so trails are mostly wooded with creeks, which is what will give you satisfaction during off-roading.

Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park’s trails are so beautiful but not really challenging, I would say.

Riders must follow the noise rules and regulations at night here. Cabins, restroom, parking area, restaurant, picnic table, and all facilities are available.

Pine Mountain Trails ATV Park has a $15 per person entry fee, and the campaign is $10 a day. They stay open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week.

Address: Webb Trail, Rattan, Oklahoma 74562, United States

Contact: +1 580-587-2758

7. Red River ATV Park

red river atv park
Red River ATV Park

Red River ATV Park is located in Hendrix town, Oklahoma, that has UTV, ATV, SXS, and dirt bike trails.

Red River ATV Park offers four hundred acres of the off-roading area along the banks of the Red River.

You are welcome with your off-road vehicles on over a hundred miles of trails that include several terrains. But, this park does not allow nighttime riding.

Red River ATV Park’s trail terrain is mostly flat and sandy, so if you are a beginner, you can ride here without any worries.

They have several park and trail rules that every rider must follow. And Red River ATV Park is only open on weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The admission fee is $15 per person at Red River ATV Park, and there are no concessions shops available.

Address: 477 OK-78, Hendrix, Oklahoma 74741, United States

Contact: +1 903-583-2288

8. Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area

lake eufaula dam orv area
Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area

Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area is an open off-road area located in the city of Stigler, Oklahoma.

The total area of Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area is over 450 acres, where you can bring any type of off-road vehicle.

Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area trails are mostly sandy, so any driver’s skill level can ride easily.

Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area is near the huge Eufaula Dam. Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area stays open year-round, so you can do off-roading in any season.

Riding in Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area requires no fees or permits. This area also goes under the water at particular times of the year.

Camping is allowed here, but nighttime riding is prohibited in Lake Eufaula Dam ORV Area.

Address: 36 Sandy Rd, Stigler, OK 74462, United States

9. Kiamichi Trail

kiamichi trail
Kiamichi Trail

Kiamichi Trail, also known as K-Trail, is another open off-road park that is situated on the far west end of the Ouachita National Forest in the Oklahoma Ranger District.

You are going to get experiences of various types of terrain while you are on the Kiamichi Trail.

Kiamichi Trail has primarily forest trails that includes small pine groves to thick, dense forest terrain all over the area.

Hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and many other activities are available on Kiamichi Trail. So, this can be your best off-roading weekend spot.

As I mentioned earlier, Kiamichi Trail is an open off-roading area, so you need to bring everything by yourself because you will find nothing here.

Address: Ouachita National Forest, Oklahoma Ranger District, Oklahoma, United States

10. Cross Bar Ranch Off-road Park

cross bar ranch off road park
Cross Bar Ranch Off-road Park

Cross Bar Ranch is a famous off-road park in Oklahoma. Over the years, this off-road park has become more popular because of its challenging trails.

Cross Bar Ranch has over 6,500 acres of off-road area that allows various types of off-road vehicles on trails.

Their trails include rocky mountainsides, creek beds, dirt trails, hill climbing obstacles, prairie land, wooded, and other terrains.

Because of the diversified terrains, riders are going to get a unique driving experience in Cross Bar Ranch.

Cross Bar Ranch off-road park opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 5 p.m. daily. Primitive and tent camping facilities at this park are offered.

Although Cross Bar Ranch’s off-road park entry fee is a little higher than others, considering the facilities and amenities, the price is justified. 

Address: 4550 Dolese Rd, Davis, Oklahoma 73030, United States

Contact: +1 580-247-7244

11. The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park

the ravine outdoor adventure park
The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park

The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park is more than just an off-road park because this park is a great place for camping, hiking, and also dirt biking.

This off-road park is situated in a beautiful town in Macomb, Oklahoma.

The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park does not stay open year-round; they are open seasonally.

This off-road park is really family-orientated, that’s why your whole family is welcome here.

Before coming to The Ravine Outdoor Adventure Park, you should connect with them to make a reservation for your arrival. You can contact them using email.

Address: 40673 OK-59B, Macomb, Oklahoma 74852, United States


12. Twin Mountains Off-Road Park

twin mountains off road park
Twin Mountains Off-Road Park

Twin Mountains Off-Road Park is located near Quinton Town, Oklahoma. Just like other private off-road parks in Oklahoma, they also offer various amenities.

They have the best hill climbs terrain trail for off-roading in Oklahoma. Twin Mountains trails are mostly small dense forests.

Twin Mountains Off-Road Park stays open year-round, and they sell season passes for guests.

Twin Mountains Off-Road Park is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends, but they recommend making reservations before coming.

The camping area is also available here, and they allow RV in their area too.

Address: N4300 Rd, Kinta, Oklahoma 74552, United States

Contact: +1 918-429-8511

13. Lake Murray State Park

lake murray state park
Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray State Park is located in south-central Oklahoma. This state park allowed some specific off-road vehicles in its area.

Lake Murray State Park has 12,500 acres of the area, and half of the area has Lake Murray lake.

This state park allows ATVs and dirt bikes in the park’s off-roading area. So, you can guess Lake Murray State Park is a popular ATV park in Oklahoma.

In this state park, hiking trails, campgrounds, beaches, ATV trails, cabins, and many more facilities are currently available.

The off-road trails here are for the beginner; trails are completely wooded and not really challenging.

Address: 3323 Lodge Rd, Ardmore, OK 73401, United States

Contact: +1 580-223-4044

14. Little Sahara State Park

little sahara state park
Little Sahara State Park

Little Sahara, also known as Waynoka Dunes, is a state park that the United States National Park Service manages.

The area of Little Sahara State Park is completely covered with sand. And the Oklahoma off-road enthusiasts make this place an ideal sandy off-road trail.

Now, Little Sahara State Park is an attractive off-road area where you can bring your ATV, UTV, SXS, OHV, Jeep, and SUV for riding. The park stays open 24 hours every day.

Little Sahara State Park has nothing to offer you except off-roading because it’s sandy all over the area.

You will get a unique experience of off-roading in Little Sahara State Park because sandy trails are not available in most off-road parks in Oklahoma.

Address: 101 Main St, Waynoka, OK 73860, United States

Phone: +1 580-824-1471

15. Boogeyville Offroad Park

boogeyville offroad park
Boogeyville Offroad Park

Boogeyville Offroad Park is an unreserved off-road park that is located in Muldrow Town, Oklahoma.

Here you can ride on various different terrain, and there are no rules and regulations that you need to follow.

The area of Boogeyville Offroad Park is not huge, but your riding experience will be great.

Boogeyville Offroad Park offers motley wooded trails that have rock terrains.

No entry fee is needed for off-roading, and you are not going to find any facilities here. That’s why bring everything that you need.

Address: 480142 OK-101, Muldrow, OK 74948, United States

16. Bee Creek Mountain

bee creek mountain
Bee Creek Mountain

Bee Creek Mountain is a perfect off-road area for Jeep, SUV, and SXS. In recent years, riders have found this hidden gem in Oklahoma.

Bee Creek Mountain Trail is situated near the city of Broken Bow, Oklahoma.

Bee Creek Mountain’s off-road area currently has 22 kilometers of off-road trails with mostly muddy terrains.

All skill levels of off-road riders come here to complete the challenge of its trails. The wildlife of the park gives you inner peace.

Bee Creek Mountain off-road park allowed dogs on a leash too. I recommend you spend a little more time in the lake in Bee Creek Mountain park.

Address: Bee Creek Mountain, Broken Bow, OK, United States

17. Kaw Lake ORV Area

kaw lake orv area
Kaw Lake ORV Area

Kaw Lake ORV Area is an open off-road park that is located on the eastern shores of Kaw Lake.

The total area of Kaw Lake ORV Area is over two hundred acres, but most of the area is surrounded by Kaw Lake.

Kaw Lake ORV Area has only ten miles of trails that are really narrow. Trails include mostly rocky woods and sand.

Riders are allowed to ride on the lake shoreline, where they might feel refreshed.

For ATV riding and dirt biking, Kaw Lake ORV Area is well known, but you can bring your UTV and SXS here to ride.

Address: E Tower Rd, Burbank, OK 74633, United States

18. White Water ORV Park

white water orv park
White Water ORV Park

White Water ORV Park is located near Sand Springs, Oklahoma. This is also an open off-road area which means no fees to enter or ride.

White Water ORV Park has around four kilometers of the loop trail that has sand, mud holes, and a few hills terrains.

Accessing the nearby river facility attracts White Water ORV Park to off-road riders.

This park stays open year-round and 24 hours, so you can drive anytime you want.

Address: Sand Springs, Oklahoma 74063, United States

19. Madden Crew Offroad Park

madden crew offroad park
Madden Crew Offroad Park

Madden Crew Offroad Park is an off-road park in Oklahoma. This park is along the South Canadian river.

Madden Crew Offroad Park offers over 300 acres of off-road area that has a mud pit in its area

You are welcome with your UTV, SUV, Jeep, SXS, and ATV on Madden Crew Offroad Park’s trails. From this park, you can get river access quickly.

Facilities like restrooms, parking areas, and more this park have all of them. Per person entry fee is only $5 here.

Madden Crew Offroad Park is only open three days a week; Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Address: 30607 Neal Rd, Wanette, OK 74878, United Stat

Phone: +1 405-388-8065

20. Beaver Dunes Park

beaver dunes park
Beaver Dunes Park

By the name of Beaver Dunes Park, you can guess which trail this park has. Beaver Dunes Park is an open off-road park located in Beaver, OK.

Beaver Dunes Park has 520 acres of total area where off-roading became so popular.

Beaver Dunes Park trails are mostly sandy, that’s why if you want to get the experience of sandy off-roading, then Beaver Dunes Park is a great option for you.

Here you can also do fishing, hiking, and sand playgrounds to enjoy.

Address: US-270, Beaver, OK 73932, United States

21. Appalachia Bay Recreation Area

appalachia bay recreation area
Appalachia Bay Recreation Area

Appalachia Bay Recreation Area is an off-road trail located in Shady Grove, Cherokee County, Oklahoma. 

If you are looking for an off-road trail where you can maximize the speed and not worry about the rules or regulations, then the Appalachia Bay Recreation Area is perfect for you.

Even though Appalachia Bay Recreation Area is well known as Motorcycle Island, but any off-road vehicles are permitted.

Appalachia Bay Recreation Area is an off-road park that offers mostly sandy and wooded trails.

You will find only two campsites with picnic tables and fire rings. But, no electric hook-up or water facility is available here.

Appalachia Bay Recreation Area stays open year-round, and they open their gate at 7 in the morning and close at 10 p.m. daily.

Address: W Appalachia Bay Rd, Shady Grove, OK 74020, United States

Phone: +1 918-865-2621

22. Green Acres Offroad

green acres offroad
Green Acres Offroad

Green Acres Offroad has the most challenging off-road trails in the state of Oklahoma. So, test your off-roading skill come to Green Acres Offroad.

Currently, Green Acres Offroad includes several more facilities and premium amenities in its area.

Green Acres Offroad is located in Clayton Town, Northern Pushmataha County, Oklahoma.

They have the toughest jeep trail in Oklahoma, where you need extraordinary skill to ride. And needless to say, Green Acres Offroad allowed UTVs, SXS, SUVs, and ATVs.

To ride on Green Acres Offroad’s trials, you need to pay $20 per day for every vehicle. And this park is open 24 hours from Monday through Sunday.

Address: Clayton, Oklahoma 74536, United States

23. Camp Gruber ORV Area

camp gruber orv area
Camp Gruber ORV Area

Camp Gruber ORV Area, also known as The Gruber ORV Recreation Area, is an off-road park that you will find on Highway 10, north of Braggs, Oklahoma.

Camp Gruber ORV Area is a well-organized and safe off-road park with many different types of off-road terrains.

Camp Gruber ORV Area offers rocky areas, mud holes, and rock climbing areas all over the park. So, you can get a different off-roading experience here.

Campgrounds are available for camping with an RV. Recently, this park has become popular.

You are allowed with your ATV, UTV, Jeep, Dirt Bike, and SUV here. Camp Gruber ORV Area prohibited hunting, campfires, and littering in their area.

Address: Tyler Rd, Muskogee, OK 74403, United States

24. Hogans Off Road Park

hogans off road park
Hogans Off Road Park

Hogans Off Road Park is a famous off-road park, especially in Disney Town, Oklahoma.

This off-road park has everything you need to make off-roading memorable for the rest of your life. You can have restrooms, hot showers, tent camping, travel trailers, and RV hookups too here.

Each year, Hogans Off Road Park hosts several off-roading events during the holiday season where you can join.

Hogans Off Road Park offers over twelve miles of off-road trails that are open for any kind of off-road vehicle. But, most of the trails are rocky climbing terrain.

Hogans Off Road Park stays open seven days a week, including major holidays.

Address: Disney, Oklahoma 74340, United States

Phone: +1 918-520-4504

25. Henryetta Off-Road Track & Trail

henryetta off-road track & trail
Henryetta Off-Road Track & Trail

Henryetta Off-Road Track & Trail or Henryetta ATV Park both are the same off-road park that is situated in the city of Henryetta, Oklahoma.

This off-road park offers over three hundred acres of challenging off-road trails, including several different terrains.

Henryetta Off-Road Track & Trail off-road park allows UTV, SXS, ATV, and dirt bikes in its area.

You can access this park year-round, but this park also can be closed due to unexpected weather or operation into the park.

Therefore, it would be very helpful if you just called them before coming. They have a bigger parking area, so you can park easily.

Address: Lake Rd, Henryetta, OK 74437, United States

Phone: +1 918-650-3524

Final Thoughts On Off-Road Parks In Oklahoma

Off-road parks in Oklahoma let you ride any type of off-road vehicle with minimum rules and regulations.

And most off-road trails in Oklahoma have a huge area to explore, which will give you a great opportunity to build up off-roading skills.

There are many open off-road areas available in Oklahoma where you don’t need to pay an entry fee, and you don’t need to follow any rules.

So, check out the list of best off-road parks in Oklahoma and pick one where you can explore the most.

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