The 10 Best Mud Parks in Alabama (Updated, 2023)

Mud parks in Alabama offer more than only mudding. Several mud parks are well-recognized all over the state of Alabama.

When you love to do mudding and live in Alabama, then you have got different options that you consider.

In recent years, mud riding or racing has become a very famous activity in Alabama. The unique bigger wheel custom off-roading vehicles attract more people to mud parks.

Most mud parks allow UTV, SXS, Jeep, SUV, and ATV on the trail, which is why you are welcome with any type of off-road vehicle.

Here, you are going to find the best mud parks in Alabama with tips and everything you need to know to do mudding in this state.

Mud Parks in Alabama

Best mud parks in Alabama:

  1. Top Trails OHV Park
  2. Alabama Mud Park
  3. Stony Lonesome OHV Park
  4. Southern Ridge ATV Park
  5. Bama Slam Mud Park
  6. Boggs and Boulders
  7. Mountain Creek Adventure Park
  8. Patawomack Adventure Park
  9. Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad
  10. Hollytree Offroad
mud parks in alabama
Mud Parks in Alabama

1. Top Trails OHV Park

top trails ohv park
Top Trails OHV Park

Mudding in Top Trails OHV Park is a great opportunity for every off-road enthusiast.

Top Trails is one of the best mud park in Alabama because this park keeps the mud trail year-round instead of seasonal.

Top Trails mud park is located in north Talladega County, Alabama. Top Trail’s over 2,800 acres of land are filled with various activities, adventures, and off-road trails.

Currently, Top Trails has over 100 miles of off-road trails, including mudding, kids racing track, and more.

Top Trails has a limitation on tire size; the tire size of all off-road vehicles must be under 36 inches in height. Any vehicle with a tire size of 36 inches will not be entered into this park.

You can rent UTVs for $299 here, which helps Top Trails mud park to stand out. In addition to that, cabin rentals, primitive camping, environmental center, showers, and hookup campground are available here.

Top Trails mud park does not open its gate from Monday to Wednesday, so I recommend you call before coming.

Top Trails sells annual membership passes starting from $175; a daily pass is $15 per person and only $5 per vehicle.

Tips to mudding at Top Trails OHV Park:

  • As I mentioned earlier, Top Trails allow mudding year-round; hence they also host various events on most holidays.
  • For mudding, Top Trails OHV Park is always the best at weekends.
  • This mud park prohibited any types of alcoholic beverages. So, bring any non-alcoholic drinks.
  • In the campground, riders are not allowed to drive any vehicles after 11 pm.

Address: 794 Welch Ave, Talladega, AL 35160, United States

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2. Alabama Mud Park

alabama mud park
Alabama Mud Park

Do not be confused because of the name Alabama Mud Park. In the state of Alabama, Alabama Mud Park is a notable mud park. Alabama Mud Park shortly AMP.

Alabama Mud Park welcomes all types of off-road vehicles on its mud trail. And this mud park stays open every day of the week except on Monday.

The mud trail is mostly sandy mud; this is why a beginner rider also can learn to mud here.

For stays, you are going to find several cabins and RV reservation campgrounds. So, if you want to spend a great weekend with your family, Alabama Mud Park can be a great place.

Alabama Mud Park hosts mudding events on weekends. But, the park won’t host any events on major holidays because the park remains closed.

Each rider’s entry fee is $10, adults $20, children $11, and ages under 5 are free at AMP. But, on weekends, the entry fee rates go up.

Tips to mudding at Top Trails OHV Park:

  • Alabama Mud Park increases the entry fee rates during weekends, which is why you will spend more for mudding.
  • The whole park is well organized, and at night the park stays very lively. You can stay in cabins to enjoy yourself more.
  • Alabama Mud Park owners Travis and Diana are very friendly, so feel free to talk with them.

Address: 4162 Co Rd 7708, Troy, AL 36081, United States

3. Stony Lonesome OHV Park

stony lonesome ohv park
Stony Lonesome OHV Park

Stony Lonesome OHV Park is a mud park that is located in the beautiful town of Bremen in Cullman County, Alabama.

As of today, Stony Lonesome OHV Park has around 1500 acres of land where various trails are available to ride on.

Stony Lonesome OHV Park was the first off-road and OHV park in the state of Alabama, and still today, this park is hosting thousands of off-road riders around the nation.

The good thing about Stony Lonesome OHV Park is you can do mudding year-round here, and night-time rides are also allowed.

There is no limitation on wheels to riding on mud trails, and you are allowed with ATV, SUV, SXS, Jeep, and UTV on the mud trails.

Stony Lonesome OHV Park admission fee is $15 for adults, $5 for children, and children aged under 5 are completely free. The entry fee can change for special events.

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Stony Lonesome mud park stays closed, but on other days of the week, the park opens at 8:30 am and closes at 6 pm.

Tips to mudding at Stony Lonesome OHV Park:

  • I have attended some of Stony Lonesome OHV Park’s special events, and my experience has been great. So, if you want to enjoy mudding with others, you should attend events.
  • During special events, the admission fee goes up. That’s why you need to spend more.
  • Several hikes are available in this park area, so if you love hiking, this park would be great for you.
  • Stony Lonesome OHV Park has cabins that you can rent to stay at night.

Address: 10075 AL-69, Bremen, AL 35033, United States

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4. Southern Ridge ATV Park

southern ridge atv park
Southern Ridge ATV Park

Southern Ridge ATV Park is offering mud bogs for off-roading. Southern Ridge ATV Park is located in Brantley City, Alabama.

The total area of Southern Ridge ATV Park is over a thousand acres. The area of this park features mud bogs, deep-water crossings, creek crossings, and other off-road trails.

Riders can race in mud bogs with any type of off-road vehicle, and there are no limits on wheels and the size of vehicles.

For mudding and deep-water crossing, SUVs and Jeeps would be your best options.

The Southern Ridge mud trial is deep and not beginner-friendly. If you have a better mudding experience, I recommend this park to you immediately.

You will find a cafe in the parking area and RV campground where over a hundred RV hookups are available.

Southern Ridge ATV Park keeps its gate open from Friday to Sunday. And the park does not stay open year-round, so you should make a reservation for your arrival.

Each rider must pay $30 as an entry fee and fill up a form before starting riding in the park’s area.

Tips for mudding at Southern Ridge ATV Park:

  • Southern Ridge ATV Park owners are very helpful. But, the admission seems a little higher than average to me.
  • To ride on muddy trails and deep water crossings, you should bring your off-roading vehicle that has a bigger wheel.
  • Do not forget to make a reservation before coming because the park is not open each day.

Address: 1672 Leon Tower Rd, Brantley, AL 36009, United States

5. Bama Slam Mud Park

bama slam mud park
Bama Slam Mud Park

Bama Slam is a popular name among Coffee County, Alabama locals, and in Southern Alabama.

Bama Slam is a 1600-acre of a private park that offers a wide variety of activities and amenities for guests.

To locals, Bama Slam is best known as an off-road park, but Bama Slam has one of the best mud trails in Alabama.

Bama Slam off-road park currently has over 40 miles of terrain trails, including mud bogs. And the park authority has claimed they have plans to extend their trail to 100 miles.

Bama Slam is one of the most convent mud park in Alabama because of various reasons, as the mud track is open year-round and has no limitation on off-road vehicles’ wheels.

UTV, SXS, and ATVs are available for renting here. You can rent an ATV for a full day at $400; to rent an SXS, you need to spend around $600.

Also, primitive camping sites, RV hookups, parking spaces, cabins, waterpark, restaurants, and other amenities and activities make this park a fun place for everyone.

Entry fee at Bama Slam mud park is $20 for the driver, $10 for an extra rider, and kids ages 5 are free. Park is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Tips for mudding at Bama Slam Mud Park:

  • If you love parting, Bama Slam park would be the best place because they host most weekend events.
  • The admission fee can change for special events and holidays, so contact them before coming, especially on holidays.
  • Try to abide by the park rules; otherwise, you can be suspended and later banned from here.
  • I must say, the live music event at Bama Slam off-road park is awesome. So, do not miss it if you want to enjoy the night.

Address: Co Rd 156, New Brockton, AL 36351, United States

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6. Boggs and Boulders

boggs and boulders
Boggs and Boulders

Boggs and Boulders is the most popular mud park in Alabama and is considered one of the best in the state.

The park has over two thousand acres of area and 250 miles of off-road trails, which is also one of the longest trails in Alabama.

Boggs and Boulder’s over 250 miles of trails include mud tracks, sandy hills, many steep rocky bluffs, rocky hills, and more terrain that are perfect for challenging an off-road driver.

Since 2008, Boggs and Boulders mud park has consistently improved and developed its trails for a better experience.

This park welcomes all types of off-road vehicles on the trails and any skill level of riders from anywhere.

Boggs and Boulders mud track is designed for both advanced and beginner riders. And just like other mud parks, they also do not have too many rules and regulations for riding.

With an off-roading experience, Boggs and Boulders mud park also feature a natural cool pool with a rope swing and cave that is open for everyone.

A restaurant called “Mud Pie Cafe” is here to feed hungry riders. And on any special events or weekends, several food vendors are open too.

Boggs and Boulders mud park is only open from Friday through Sunday.

Tips to mudding at Boggs and Boulders:

  • Drivers under 19 years old must bring their valid photo ID to enter the park.
  • You do not need to worry about filling up your vehicle because Boggs and Boulders mud park has non-ethanol gas, so you can fill up your vehicle anytime.
  • A store called Boggs Store available here, where you find ATV parts and accessories.

Address: 20133 Brooklyn Rd, Andalusia, AL 36421, United States

7. Mountain Creek Adventure Park

mountain creek adventure park
Mountain Creek Adventure Park

Mountain Creek Adventure Park is located in the city of Abbeville, Alabama. Over 500 acres of land includes off-road trails, several mud pits, deep water crossing, and more.

Mountain Creek Adventure Park is a family-owned off-road park that offers different kinds of recreational activities.

This park features several mud pits that change your mudding ability. Two mud pits are quite beginner-friendly, and the rest of them are quite hard to pass.

Mountain Creek Adventure Park allows all types of off-road vehicles on its all-mud track. And night-time off-roading is also allowed in the park.

For different terrain of mud pits, Mountain Creek Adventure Park is very popular with off-road enthusiasts. Riders come from all over the nation to experience it here.

In addition, this park also offers hot showers, spray stations, swimming areas, and open ponds for every rider.

The park is open 24 hours and seven days a week. Therefore, you can access the park any time of the day or night.

Per rider entry fee is $10 per day, but the entry fee goes up on weekends. Non-riding spectators are completely free to access the park.

Tips to mudding at Mountain Creek Adventure Park:

  • Night-time riding is permitted, so you should ride at night to experience the most.
  • Mountain Creek Adventure Park also has mountain bike trails that look really organized and well-maintained so far.
  • This park has an RV campground and several RV hookups; hence spending a whole weekend is possible.

Address: 3124 County Rd 57, Abbeville, AL 36310, United States

8. Patawomack Adventure Park

patawomack adventure park
Patawomack Adventure Park

Patawomack Adventure Park offers the toughest mud pits and bogs in the state of Alabama. This park is located in Alabama’s unincorporated community of Irvington.

The whole of this park features several wood trails, mud pits, mud bogs, deep-water cross, hill climbs, motocross track, and much more.

On all off-road trails, riders are allowed with any type of off-road vehicle that, includes SXS, UTV, ATV, Jeep, SUV, and any vehicle that you have.

You can see SUVs and customized jeeps commonly in Patawomack Adventure Park.

And night-time riding is not prohibited, so bring your friends or group off-roading at night.

Patawomack Adventure Park’s rescue team is super active, so you don’t need to worry too much about getting stuck in mud pits or bugs.

The owner of this park consistently adds new amenities and activities to make the park more enjoyable to riders.

This park is open from Friday to Sunday but to ride other days of the week; you are going to make an appointment before coming.

Tips to mudding at Patawomack Adventure Park:

  • The owner of Patawomack Adventure Park is very friendly and helpful too. If you need anything, you can ask him.
  • Bring snakes and water because there are no restaurants or foods available to sell.
  • Currently, no electric or water hookups are available, so you better be prepared.

Address: 7720 County Farm Rd, Irvington, AL 36544, United States

9. Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad

hawk pride mountain offroad
Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad

When it comes to off-roading in Alabama, the name of Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad should be on the list because this park is the most popular off-roading area now.

Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad features one thousand acres of an off-road recreational area where everyone is welcome.

Over a thousand acres of land include a mud-bogging area for anyone who wants to play in the mud.

Riders are allowed with any tire size and any off-road vehicles they want on the mud bogs. So, bring your Jeep, SUV, SXS, or UTV to explore mudding.

Although Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad’s over 120 rock crawling trails attract off-road riders, this park’s mud bogs are also popular.

Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad is open from 8 am and closes at 10 pm from Friday through Sunday.

The admission fee is $15 for each driver per day and $10 for each passenger in this park, which is a reasonable price. They also offer yearly membership too.

Tips to mudding at Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad:

  • You can stay in a cabin at Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad park for any special events. For two nights, you can rent a cabin for $200, including other facilities.
  • Every driver and passenger must see and understand the waiver before entering the park.
  • Except for weekends, Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad Park authority also allowed riders to the park with only a reservation.

Address: 3834 Hawk Pride Mountain Rd, Tuscumbia, AL 35674, United States

10. Hollytree Offroad

hollytree offroad
Hollytree Offroad

Hollytree Offroad is an off-road park that stays open seven days a week and also welcomes drivers on some major holidays too from across the nation.

Hollytree Offroad is located in Hollytree, Alabama. This park is privately-owned and maintained property which you can notice right after entering the park.

Currently, this park features over eight hundred acres of land in North Alabama. Hollytree Offroad park is not only famous for off-roading but also popular with music lovers.

This park offers several terrains of off-road trails and mud tracks. Drivers are allowed with their side-by-side rock crawlers, rail buggies, ATVs, UTVs, Jeeps, SUVs, and even horses.

On the park’s mud bogs, you can bring any wheel size of the vehicle. But, ages below 19 are not allowed not only on mud tracks but also on any trails.

Hollytree Offroad Park claims it is open 365 days of the year. So, you can ride here any day. 

The admission fee of Hollytree Offroad Park is $20 per vehicle, $5 per passenger, $10 per night camping, and children under 12 are free.

Tips to mudding at Hollytree Offroad:

  • Hollytree Offroad Park is located in an unincorporated area, so I recommend you use maps on your smartphone to find this park.
  • Cabins are not available to rent, but drivers and passengers are allowed to camp here.
  • Every driver’s ID is going to be checked before entering the park. So, do not forget to bring your IDs.
  • Hollytree Offroad Park hosts events several times a year.

Address: 621 Co Rd 604, Hollytree, AL 35751, United States

Final Thoughts On Mud Parks In Alabama

Mud parks in Alabama have their own rules for the participants, and you must know them before starting to drive.

Drivers are allowed with SXS, UTVs, ATVs, Jeeps, SUVs, and any off-road vehicles on the mud bogs in Alabama. Also, most parks do not have any wheel size restrictions.

Top Trails OHV Park, Bama Slam Mud Park, Alabama Mud Park, Southern Ridge ATV Park, and Mountain Creek Adventure Park are the most popular mud parks in Alabama.

Some Alabama mud parks stay open year-round and also give the opportunity to mudding in any season.

So, take your favorite off-road vehicle to the mud and also enjoy special events with others.

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